4 reasons why your business should be offering gift vouchers

gift voucher

Gift vouchers are a great way to allow new customers to try out your facilities and help you begin the transition towards customer loyalty and customer advocacy. Whether you run a relaxing spa or a lively trampoline park, gift vouchers can help you drum up additional revenue and spread the word about your business. Continue reading to find out our top reasons for offering gift vouchers.

1. Popular with shoppers

Whether it’s Christmas, Fathers day or your busiest time of year, providing gift vouchers for varying prices can easily increase sales for any holidays or peak seasons. Gift vouchers always make a great present for someone wanting to try something new.

2. Improve cash flow

By offering gift vouchers, you’re automatically accepting cash in advance for the products/services you provide. This means an instant cash flow boost, which is always a positive for any business!

Gift cards can also encourage overspending, as the majority of customers will put a gift voucher towards something that little bit more expensive or spend their money on additional extras.

3. Increase brand awareness

Fortunately, word-of-mouth in the digital world can reach many more people than it ever could previously and is far more influential. Combining word of mouth marketing and gift vouchers can help increase brand awareness and loyal repeat customers.

4. Capture important insights

Offering vouchers for your customers will not only give you insight into how much a customer is willing to spend, but it will also give you data on how long the recipient takes to redeem it. These insights can help you cater your gift vouchers for different budgets. Providing a range of differently priced vouchers will ensure that you don’t miss out on any sales from those who might not ordinarily shop with you, but who would still like to treat someone special.


Gift vouchers are great to include in your sales and marketing strategy as they not only provide your business with an increase in sales, but they will also help you reach new audiences.

You should look to make gift vouchers available to purchase on your website, so users have the opportunity to purchase them all year round. With Sports Booker, you can add gift vouchers to your customer site with ease so customers can purchase at their convenience.

To find out how to set up vouchers on your Sports Booker website, please click here.