Will my subscription fee increase if I increase customer or member numbers or the bookings I take?

Your subscription is made up of a low monthly site fee and then a percentage according to the number of bookings you take or members you have via a booking or member fee. The system is configured to allow you to transparently pass this cost on to your guests or members at another rate set by you.

Will my subscription fee increase if I want to add more administrators, operators or bookable resources or facilities?

No, The Sports Booker subscription is assigned on a per site basis and allows you to control who uses the system and what bookable resources or facilities it manages for you.

How much will my Service Level Agreement (SLA) cost me each year?

Our SLA for support and software updates is included in your monthly subscription.

How long will it take me to train my operators to take a booking or amend a booking or create a new member?

Sports Booker is intuitive and for most people it takes about an hour to be able to use the system competently to take a booking, amend it or create a member.

What support do you offer with Sports Booker?

We offer email, live chat and telephone support as part of the monthly subscription fee.

Can I move my membership database from my existing system across to Sports Booker?

Yes, this is carried out by our staff during the pre-configuration stage.

Will Sports Booker have a security impact on our existing systems?

No. Sports Booker is a cloud based system and whilst it can be “Iframed “ into your site or you can move to your Sports Booker system by means of a button on your main website it does not have to be integrated with your systems and will not pose a security risk.

What happens if your server crashes, how long will I be offline?

There are several tiers of backup at the high security data centres, with dedicated mirrored servers, huge bandwidth capability and uber-fast backup capability, so switching from one server to another should not be noticeable.

Are your datacentres in the UK and are they safe?

With our data centers, your data will always be securely stored within the UK. Our ISO 27001 certified, tier 3 standard data centres are secured to UK government IL4 standards, and with 100% power availability and built-in redundancy for all critical components, you can be assured your mission critical applications will always be online.