Quays Wake & Ski

Quays Wake and Ski is a small water sports club on the Surrey/Hampshire border. They offer wakeboarding, waterskiing, wakesurfing and stand-up paddlboarding sessions for all levels. Using boats and an innovative cable-pull system, the centre’s customers benefit from the sheltered site’s perfect conditions and the expert tuition of its instructors.

The Challenge

Prior to using Sports Booker, Quays Wake and Ski used Microsoft Access to take customer bookings. This tedious process required staff to sit by the telephone and manually create each booking.

Quays Wake and Ski required a solution that would provide a quick and easy booking process for customers and reduce the time and cost spent on booking administration.

They also needed a booking system capable of taking online payments and direct debits.

The Solution

Sports Booker designed an online booking system with several key features:

Online booking and payments: Online bookings for boats, cable hire and all lessons. Customers can view live availability and pay securely online using debit or credit card.

No limits license: Add as many bookable resources and administrators as required.

Packages: The option to buy activity packages at a reduced rate.

Gift vouchers: Personalised electronic gift vouchers.

Equipment hire: The option to add additional extras such as equipment hire.

Remote access: A cloud based system so admin can access the facility from any location and device.

Stewart at Quays Wake and Ski explains: “We had been using an old database centred on Microsoft Access which clearly wasn’t up to the job. We realised that times change and that we would have to find a solution to the shortcomings of our home-spun system.”

Why did Quays Wake and Ski choose Sports Booker for their online booking system?

“We looked at the booking systems available in the marketplace and frankly, they all seemed confusing to use and had a lack of customer service support. Just as we were about to give up, a friend recommended the Sports Booker system to us and after a quick demonstration, we signed up.”

The Result

The installation of Sports Booker software gone above and beyond Quays Wake and Ski’s requirements.

The booking system has streamlined the customer journey from start to finish and allowed customers the option to pay online.

Sports Booker added several optional extras to the booking site, including gift vouchers and activity packages. Customers can choose from a variety of activities, sessions types and valid days. This has allowed the club to upsell during the checkout process and generate additional revenue.

They have also been able to produce an automated daily report to show attendance numbers. This has allowed them to allocate resources accordingly. Plus, using the Sports Booker traffic light system, they are now able to fill spare time slots as little as 30 minutes ahead of the session.

With Sports Booker’s remote access capabilities, administrators can log in and have full access to the system from any device and any location.  This has enabled senior management to keep track of daily operations, no matter where they are.

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