Brynteg Holiday Park

Brynteg Holiday Park Case Study

We had previously used printed spreadsheets, which were updated manually at reception and printed off weeks in advance. This resulted in Owners and Guests who wanted to book onto activities, having to call reception or go in person and in the busy periods often queue to make a booking. This generated extensive paperwork which was time consuming, difficult to store and not easy to access and amend, and errors would happen. In all the processes did not provide a great experience for us or our customers and was not doing any favours for the activity and leisure facilities as a whole.

Our plan was to improve the customer experience by making it easier for them to select and book activities at a time convenient to them. At the same time we wanted to reduce the administration burden and staffing costs at reception. We evaluated a number of systems and found Sports booker was able to meet all of our requirements and do much more, plus their licences were unlimited.
This meant we could expand the activity and leisure side of our business without any penalty in terms of having to buy upgraded licences. We also found that Sports Booker could be integrated with our till and access systems and is quick and easy to train staff on.
Once we had placed the order, Sports Booker took two weeks to implement and get us up and running. We are  now almost 4 years on since that decision and have found it to be the most user friendly piece of software that can be tailored to suit our business and integrate into our website. Owners and Guests can book activities, courts or events on-line before they visit the park, this has meant that the calls to reception have dropped dramatically. We also like the fact that we can track
bookings from any pc at any time and we always have the very latest information live as it happens. And features such as the pre – pay function are really useful as customers will generally pay for £100 worth or more of activities before they have even arrived on site for their holiday.

We find the Sports Booker system easy to use, and great to track all aspects of management information such as bookings, income, nonattendance, popularity and profitability of activities, events and more without the need for paperwork, but if we need to we can still print the information off. The big bonus for us is that it’s much easier to adjust timetables as we go along as they do not have to be printed at the start of the year. This saves print costs and we have more flexibility with
what we offer and when, so that we can maximise income. Sports Booker has helped us transform the way we book, manage and sell our activity programme. In the first 5 weeks of operation over 50% of activities were being booked and paid for online by the customer. This has vastly improved customer service as customers did not have to queue at reception or wait on the phone to book activities.

“It has also increased sales and is great advertising for the park. In addition pressure has been taken off reception at the peak periods and the system has significantly reduced the cost of staffing and helped us increase profitability. Most important is that not only do we love it, but so do our customers. Some of the feedback from customers has been that we are now moving into the 21st century and that this has been a smooth and successful change over from paper bookings.”

Ben Pegler

Leisure Manager

Sports Booker Features

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