Benefits of a cloud based booking system

Benefits of a cloud based booking system

If you are looking to invest in a new online booking system you may be unsure whether you require a cloud-based or local software. In the digital world we live in, a cloud system has many benefits and can save you time and money in the long run.

According to statistics published by the European Statistical Office, 41.9% of companies adopt some form of cloud service. The transition from a manual booking process to the cloud may seem daunting at first, but once the initial installation is complete you will see the difference in performance from all departments.

Here are our top reasons for using a cloud-based booking system such as Sports Booker.


One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is the ability to access your service website from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet. You can securely log in from multiple devices and have access to your Sports Booker dashboard. This is particularly useful feature for business owners who are not always able to be physically present. Additionally, the Sports Booker system also has different levels of access for different users to ensure security to their operators. For example, site administrators can edit pricing, whereas reception staff can only make bookings.

Reduce errors

Operational tasks including registration and bookings, that would usually require manual entry can now be automated through your system. This helps to reduce errors such as double booking and over bookings. Your staff will spend less time on administration and more time attending to your customers to provide a better custom service.

Effective communication

Effective internal communication is key to keeping your operations running smoothly. With a cloud-based system you can have seamless communication with employees. The ‘notes’ tab allows you to add notes throughout the day which will flash on their due date for the attention of staff.

Secure data

Cloud-based software is arguably more reliable and secure than installed software. Our private cloud runs on a bank of dedicated servers hosted in the UK and our operations are ISO 27001 Compliant – ISO 27001. Plus, to safeguard our clients, we build each of our client websites with HTTPS or “HTTP Secure”, communication. This is a communications protocol for secure communication over a computer network, which protects against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Automatic updates

With Sports Booker all monthly updates and server updates are carried out automatically. This causes minimum disruption to the workplace and frees up your staff for other tasks.


At Sports Booker we have developed a cloud based booking and membership management system to help you effectively manage your business. Our cloud solution is reliable, low cost and easy to use for the sports and leisure sectors.

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