Benefits of an online booking system

The internet has dramatically changed the way we do business. As we move processes away from standard pen and paper and into the digital world, the integration of an online booking platform is a necessity for any sports and leisure provider. Customers are no longer waiting in line to secure a booking and are instead using the internet in the convenience of their own home.

Upgrading to an online system can have many advantages to help you stand out from competitors as well as proving a hassle-free booking process to your customers. If you haven’t made the move already, here are a number of key benefits.

Customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction by providing a streamlined booking and reservation procedure. Sports Booker software provides a number of features to reduce long queues and speed up check-in including auto membership check-in cards, door access control and in-built waiver forms. Happy customers are returning customers.

Simple payment management

Customer payments are completed in advance through our secure payment gateway. Our online system handles instant payments for bookings as well as recurring payments such as subscriptions.  This provides a fast and easy method for customers to book and pay online with credit cards, debit cards or PayPal.

24/7 availability

Give your customers the freedom to book at a time and place convenient with them. Bookings are more likely to be made outside of standard business hours, so it Is vital to have a booking system available 24/7.  With Sports Booker your public website is also fully customisable to suit the needs of your clients and create the ideal customer journey.

A modern approach

Gone are the days of flicking through the phone book to find a business. Today’s customers use the internet to find everything they need at the click of a button. With our modern cloud based booking system you can stay ahead of the game and manage bookings, payments and memberships in real time.

Staff workload

Using an online booking system dramatically reduces the workload for your staff and frees them up for more important tasks. As all Sports Booker licences are unlimited, you can add as many administrators as you want per site. The software also automates a number of manual processes including billing, invoicing and payment schedules to ensure efficient tracking of revenue.

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